Beacon’s e.crew is a specially designed program to recognize and develop the shining stars at Beacon Health System. Now in its eighth year, a new crew of 24 associates will join the more than 175 others who have participated in the program since its creation in 2009. 

The program offers members structured activities and training designed to discover talents and enhance professional development.  Members also expand their knowledge of the organization through interaction with their teammates and senior leaders.  

The 2017 e.crew members will undertake yearlong projects that aim to improve specific objectives within the health system. To be recognized by the people you were work with as someone who exemplifies Beacon’s values is a high honor.  Join us in welcoming this year’s crew.

Beacon Health System: Karen Bice, Trevor Forrest, Kub Marshman, Dan Parmelee, Aaron Reynolds, Kendall Rogers, Lora Tatum, Tom Yoder

Elkhart General Hospital: Kariann Brown Nisley, April Buck, Emily Lanier, Cindy Neiberline

Memorial Hospital: Michael Lake, Charlotte Mock, Sean Niven, Rebekah Tucker, Michelle Wright

Beacon Medical Group: Stacey Cook, Amy Ernsperger, Kathy Umbarger

Beacon Health Ventures: Emily Bove, Jeremy Gillespie (not pictured), Lori Richer, Mena Vanhphoumy