Here they are — Your Beacon Health System 2016 Associates of the Year.

The best of the best.

These five associates, according to the colleagues and supervisors who nominated them, consistently display each these Beacon values:

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Trust

Be sure and shake their hand or pat them on the back when you see them next for their achievement. We thank them for their dedication.

Gguy-riggsuy Riggs

Facility services coordinator

Memorial Hospital

“He is self motivating and requires very little to no instruction to perform his responsibilities. He is extremely trustworthy. He is compassionate to patient needs and to the clinical staff as well. Guy is a very conscientious person and is always available to respond to building issues any time of day and night and weekends I would refer to Guy as an exemplary employee.”


yvette-gloverYvette Glover

Payroll coordinator

Beacon Health System

“Yvette Glover is one of the most helpful and downright nice people I get the opportunity to work with. She has a beautiful spirit about her. … She has a way of making your day better when she ends the conversation with ‘Have a blessed day.’ … I have no hesitation in nominating her because she lives and breathes our values.”



patricia-pittmanPatricia Pittman

Physician recruitment coordinator

Beacon Medical Group

“She is very caring and makes everyone she encounters feel special. I look forward to seeing her smile each day. Patti helped me to transition to my new position and was so helpful and patient. She has not only helped me learn aspects of my job, but she has also given me so much insight on how to handle situations that arise. Her smile is infectious and she truly is an asset to Beacon.”



stacey-stiresStacey Stires

Supervisory nurse and case manager

Beacon Health Ventures

“She has exhibited the true qualities of a professional nurse by showing me compassion, trust, fairness and honesty, not only toward me as an employee of Beacon Health Ventures, but toward patients as well. I have witnessed it. She always, always comes with a smile not only on her face, but in her voice. She is a true example of ‘being present’ for our patients, our customers, in so many ways.”



jonathan-walesiewiczJonathan Walesiewicz

Nutritional services

Elkhart General Hospital

“Every time I go into the cafeteria, he always has a sweet smile and asks me how I am doing. I see how he is a team player and helping his co-workers if they need something. I have seen him go above and beyond his job to help everyone in the cafeteria to get what they need if they can’t find it. Even when he is not in the cafeteria, he is always sweet and respectful.”