In communities across the country, there has been a growing movement that uniquely combines art, nature and positive-thinking. “Kindness rocks” are stones that provide words of inspiration and encouragement for the people who find them.

But why should municipalities be the only ones to have fun?

Dawn Gillispie, Human Resource communication and wellness coordinator, wondered the same thing, so she decided to join the movement with Beacon’s own version of the project. At the recent wellness fairs, associates painted messages on 550 rocks that have been evenly divided between Elkhart General and Memorial Hospital.

“Some associates took them home to keep for their own encouragement. Others wanted to share them with someone specific or place them somewhere to be randomly found,” Gillispie said. “Some rocks are even hiding at a few of our Beacon Medical Group locations.”

What should you do if you find a rock?

Post a picture of the rock and its message on social media with the hashtag #beaconrocks.

If the message hits home or inspires you, by all means keep it. Otherwise, you can pass the rock and its kind words along to a colleague. Or you can always hide the stone for someone else to find.