Jillian Speece and Nathaniel Paul Hoff are on their way from DC to LA.

The couple, also known as the musical duo The Bergamot, is driving a 2002 Volvo they fondly refer to as “The Unity Car” across the country with the hopes of catching the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.

They expect to arrive in LA on Monday.

And Jillian has a Sharpie ready.

These South Bend natives hope they can convince Ellen to sign the car, as thousands of people across the United States have done. During a recent 50-state concert tour, Jillian and Nathaniel invited fans to sign the car with their message of peace and unity.

The couple plans to auction off the Unity Car this spring and donate 100 percent of the proceeds toward the music therapy department at Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend.

“We have seen firsthand the wonderful impact music has on the kids. I get chills from the experience,” Jillian says. “Music truly is the way to heal and spread love and joy to these children. It changes everything. But the music therapy department is in dire need of support from the community. Without our support, it will cease to exist. We cannot have this happen.”

But the internationally acclaimed musicians need your help.

Jillian and Nathaniel teamed up with Memorial Children’s Hospital Music Therapist Cambrae Reedstrom to create a short video encouraging Ellen to sign the car.

Here’s the YouTube link.

“Oh my goodness, we had a blast making this video,” Jillian says. “Cambrae loves the kids so much and they just adore her. I wish everyone could see how much the kids’ faces light up when they see her walk in the door. They really need music therapy in their lives.”

They video has been sent to The Ellen Show’s executive producers, but that might not be enough.

They hope YOU will share the video on social media and tag Ellen DeGeneres and The Ellen Show.

“Ellen is a wonderful light in this world. We love her and her message of love and kindness for all people,” Jillian says. “We know she will love the Unity Car and our love for the kids at Memorial Children’s Hospital.”

Follow the Bergamot on their journey to LA.