Last Friday, St. Patrick’s Day coincided with the national Residency Match Day, and that left us feeling very fortunate and excited about the future of medicine right here in our community. Each year on Match Day, fourth-year medical students learn which residency program they’ll be joining for the next several years to continue their training as physicians.

The faculty and staff of the Memorial Family Medicine Residency are pleased to welcome nine new residents to the program, the class of 2020: Jonathan Aubry, Kimberly Azelton, Katharine Callaghan, Mitchell Daugherty, Timothy Day, Johnny Gerardot, Megan Ishikawa, Brent Pickett and Frederick Ruckersfeldt.

We look forward to seeing you in June!

(L-R): Dale Patterson, MD, director; Thomas Sutula, JD, MD, senior associate director; and Tucker Balam, DO, associate director

(L-R): Anton Crepinsek, Jr., MD, associate director; Gregory Pouliot, PhD, behavioral science director; and Tina Jennings, MD, associate director.


(L-R): Emily-Rae Singh, MD, associate director; Randall Suttor, MD, residency program associate director/director, OB Fellowship; and Marcy Parisi, RN, MSN, FNP-C.