light-approved-program-logoThere are lots of options to help you train for this year’s Sunburst 5K — which will you choose? All programs begin on Tuesday, March 28. All programs are LiGHT Approved!



The Endurance Challenge

Challenge yourself to train for and finish the Sunburst 5K on June 3 with the free self-paced training programs available at  Plus, you can earn 15 points in your LiGHT Activities for completing a Sunburst Race! Click on the Push Yourself flyer to view, download or print information on each of the programs. >>>



Beacon Health & Fitness Ignite Training Program

Beacon associates receive a 20% discount for the Ignite 10-week 5K training program. The fee includes registration for the Sunburst 5K, too. Click on the Ignite flyer to view, download or print the details.