We wanted to share this patient letter with all Beacon associates because what you do matters!

“I was a patient at the Elkhart General Emergency room and wanted to thank and praise the staff for the incredible service and kindness. Ninety-nine percent of the time, all anyone ever hears are the negatives, (but) I want the staff to know what someone appreciates their passion and dedication.

“My daughter drove me to the Elkhart General ER for what turned out to be a gall bladder attack. From intake until the time I left, I was treated with kindness, respect and in a most professional manner. I walked in doubled over and in short order was in a room with a doctor there checking me out and ordering pain and upset stomach relief. The RN assigned to me was professional, friendly and understanding that she was not seeing me at my best, especially when I was hit with a wave of stomach issues associated with the attack. She knew there was a scared man on the bed and went out of her way to make me comfortable in every way possible.

“The ultrasound tech was every bit as friendly and professional and I was amazed at the speed of service and how everything was checked and double checked. In very short order, the results that I need to have the gall bladder removed were given to me — I was expecting to hear that. But what I wasn’t expecting to hear, was the doctor giving me instructions on setting things up with my doctor, as I (was) in town visiting family, and also him saying they would include all that was needed for the test results to be sent to my doctor so I didn’t have to pay for the same tests twice.

“These professionals never see us at our best, yet I saw them at their best and they made what was a scary time much less so, and when I left, I felt better physically and emotionally knowing that I had been taken care of by people who are passionate about their profession and understand patient care better than any doctor I have ever seen. I wish I had all their names, but sadly I wasn’t thinking all that straight (that) night.

“To the ER staff that helped me, I thank you very much. You made a visitor to your city feel like that didn’t matter. Only the best patient care mattered and I was the fortunate recipient of that care.”


Carl Tricarico, Connersville, Ind.