All too often in the world, we let good things slip by us.

But the grandparent of a student attending Tarkington School decided to write a letter of thanks to Amy Rudge, a nurse who works at Beacon Health Ventures, rather than let the opportunity pass her by.

The letter below describes the reason Amy is among our November Associates of the Month.

Sue Cullen nominated Amy for the recognition after hearing about how the nurse helped and cared for the grandparent who suffered a medical emergency.

“I feel compelled to offer a note of high praise for Nurse Amy at Tarkington School. I (recently) found myself in desperate need of medical attention. I am a grandparent volunteer at the school and passed out quite unexpectedly. The nurse came to quick response, called necessary medics, was with me when I came around. Her calmness kept me from sheer panic. She had all the answers for the paramedics when they arrived. She was so calm and efficient. It turned out I had pulmonary embolisms in both lungs, very severe. I honestly feel I could not have been struck down in a better place. It was the grace of God to allow Nurse Amy to be my saving angel. I am so grateful for her presence in the building, her training and kindness. I just feel it’s so important to have trained medical help in the buildings. Thank you for keeping them there in these difficult financial times.”

Ryan Jarrell
Elkhart General Hospital

“I have had the privilege of working alongside Ryan as a student. He is always willing to teach and explain what he is doing. As an observer, I have seen him take time to answer the questions of each and every patient and their family members. I have seen him put his patients before himself and have watched as he addressed many needs. He is compassionate and caring. He resembles the nurse I one day aspire to be. — Carrissa Whitten


Cecily Maes
Memorial Hospital

“Cecily went above and beyond to make a patient a priority. Not only did she make the patient a priority, she was there to make nursing life easier. … She truly cares for patients and other staff members and will do what they need or want to make all parties happy.” — Sarah Jackson





Sheila Lakins
Beacon Health System

“Sheila is always patient with associates and is always there when questions need answering. She is very helpful at any time. We have called her at home on occasion and she has always been willing to help out in any way she can.” — Katharine Eyster


Pam Kazmierczak
Beacon Medical Group

“Pam has been working here for several years and her morals and dedication are above and beyond for her co-workers and the patients she cares for.” — Irma Smith