No request is too big or too small when it comes to prayer requests in a hospital.

The Memorial Hospital Emergency Department and Spiritual Care team have partnered together with the intent of supporting our patients and their families, visitors and our co-workers, through written prayer requests.

No matter what the request might be.

Sean Niven, Unit Assistant, ED, said the ED borrowed the idea from a similar prayer box located at the front desk of 10 South.

In the emergency department, the prayer box is located in the main hallway near the medicine and refreshment area.

“In the Emergency Care Center, especially, staff can fall into quickly moving from patient to patient without taking time to breathe in between,” said Sarah Samson, M.Div., BCC, Spiritual Care Services.

“The intention of the prayer box is to begin to open up that in between space,” Sarah said. “To give staff a place to set down the cares and concerns of the patient and family, before they have to pick up the cares and concerns of another.”

So far, the ED has received requests from staff members who want extra prayers said for particular patients, or for the challenges they are facing outside the hospital, said Bobbie Toth, UAC, Emergency Care Center.

Associates simply write out their request or prayer intention, and they can choose whether to include your name or remain anonymous. Requests are dropped into the box and sent to a spiritual care team leader once a week.

“Usually I open the ‘hard copies’ and pray for the intentions through that week or until new requests come in. I also share them with the other chaplains,” said Barbara Wilson, MDiv, MA, Coordinator, Spiritual Care Services.

“It is my hope,” Barbara added, “that this effort helps us remember that we aren’t alone in our need, that we belong to a greater community in God.”