Neurosurgeon Kashif Shaikh, MD, and patient Brock Meister — and family — are traveling to NYC today to share an amazing Beacon story on national TV.

Dr. Shaikh and Brock are scheduled to appear Wednesday on the Megyn Kelly Today show at 9 a.m. EST.

Brock’s mom, Beacon associate Jenna Meister, also will be interviewed by the daytime television host. Follow this link to view the show online if you miss tomorrow’s live broadcast.

Beacon associates are also invited to pop into the Memorial Hospital auditorium between 9 and 10 a.m. Wednesday to view to the interview that will describe how Dr. Shaikh helped Brock return to a fairly normal life after the 22-year-old Plymouth native was internally decapitated in a January vehicular accident.

Internal decapitation is a traumatic injury that separates the skull from the spine.

Few people survive the injury, let alone make it the hospital for surgery and thrive after surgery like Brock has. The story has appeared on local TV stations as well as on national platforms, including Inside Edition.

Here’s the link to the BEAM story that started it all.