Who inspires you?

Who gives you that extra boost of motivation you oftentimes need on a Monday morning?

We received an outpouring of responses and are sharing many of your kind words about your friends, colleagues and teammates.

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Thanks for telling us about these amazing Beacon associates!

Leah Myers works in the infusion room in the Cancer Center with me. We both worked on 10S oncology together as well. Leah’s patients love her. She is such a caring nurse and is so passionate about her patients. Her patients love talking to her and seem to build great relationships with her when they come to infusion. I feel that she should be recognized for her care.” — from Lori Kovach

Sharon Couture is always very positive and upbeat. Her glass is always half full. She remembers everything about your family and your life and always asks about what is important to you. She’s definitely a good listener if you’re not in a good place and need a sounding board. … I always have a good day when I work with her and she has become a very good friend.” — from Cynthia Werner

Jackie Hostetter always arrives at work with a cheerful demeanor and positive outlook. She is warm and welcoming to every patient during the day. She models great wound care by communicating with fellow physicians and taking time for education with her patients. We are very appreciative of the great care she provides.” — from Tyler Willey

Tamie Wikerson is our front desk receptionist and always has a smile and a ‘Good morning.’ She just makes the start of the week a little bit easier.” — from Tricia Olsen

“I work with several amazing teammates, but I want to recognize Mary Dittman. She comes in and says, ‘What do you need me to do? I will do anything you need me to help with.’ She is always caring and encouraging to coworkers land patients. — from Anita Woods

Gerald Lewis is always so pleasant. He is wonderful with our patients and always so friendly to the nurses. He is very approachable and will answer any questions that you may have and never seems annoyed. As stressful as our jobs can be sometimes, he is truly appreciated.” — from Sherrie Aman

Patricia Bueno is always upbeat and happy and always does a lot more than her share of work to make sure the department looks its best.” — from Darick Damp

“I would like for you to recognize Heather Tuttle. Many of us know after working our third 12-hour shift in a row, how we become pretty burned out. I am not always the go-getter as the previous days, but Heather shows up smiling and starting before everyone else. Her smile and fun-loving attitude perk me up and her actions show me what I need to do to get me moving. She does all this while being several months pregnant. She is my inspiration.” — from Michael Nimon

Clarissa Castillo is always motivating and positive. Whenever I feel sluggish, she gets my spirits up.” — from Jennifer Williams

“I work with amazing people in my office. One person that is extremely amazing to me is Bev Teegarden. If I am looking like I’m in  a mood or not feeling like being at work on any given day, Bev takes the time to ask what is wrong, is everything OK and I just start smiling. — from Sandra Donaldson

“Today — a Monday — my coworker Sally Brubaker left signs and notes on my desk welcoming me back from vacation. In the past, she has also left notes, candy and even a doughnut to help me get my day started. We tend to start our Mondays with a quick recap of our weekend and share some laughter and then we are ready to work. It seems to make us work better.” — from Debra Degucz

Bre Hutchinson is so supportive of all of our staff in our department and is always going above and beyond for every single one of her co-workers and our members here. She truly puts a smile on everyone’s face and is always positive and outgoing no matter what the situation is or how she is feeling that day.” — from Megan Cullison

Rebecca Burke is always ready to work and has a big smile on her face. She goes out of her ways for patients.” — from DeeAnn Friend

“My sister, Jennifer Marcotte, and I have been coworkers at many places over the years and I am always amazed at what a hard worker she is and how much we enjoy working together. … It has been a pleasure to work with her, learn from her, and I always feel that she gives her patients 150 percent. She is a true patient advocate.” — from Mary Hay

Cpt. Brian Ciesiolka is our department’s shining star. Ever since I began in security eight months ago, and during my transition from part-time to full-time, Brian’s leadership and motivation have guided me to where I am today. I look back over the past few months and notice how Brian’s advice has not only made me a better associate each day, but his experience and the stories he shares also help me and others know and serve our clients better and the population we deal with on a daily basis. … Every day is different, but every day Brian steps up and is an extraordinary example of all the values we hold as an organization. He respects each and every individual. In fact, one of his mottos is: ‘Be nice until you can’t be. But still be nice.’ He shows compassion for those around him, especially when it comes to our department and its diverse range of officers. Brian is as honest as they come and I couldn’t ask for a better individual leading our afternoon crew. He excels at his position and leads a great example for all associates, making this not just an organization, but a family.” — from Gretchen Curtis

Tara Pendill has such an amazing attitude on a daily basis. She walks in and says ‘Good morning, sunshine!’ daily and in an uplifting voice. We take time to talk about our evening and the day to follow events. We keep each other posted on everything. There’s always a positive for every negative.” —  from Merry Bridgewater

“The person who always cheers me up is Amy Stiffler. Every week it is hard to go back to work on Monday, coming from the weekend. But as soon as I see Amy, she makes me smile. I look forward to her funny positive attitude and she makes my week go by fast. At the end of the week, we always go out to lunch and I look forward to it. Amy is a hard worker, she’s patient and an amazing person. She brings a lot of help to everyone around her. She is a great worker and friend. Amy inspires me to keep a good attitude and to keep it going all week. — from Lizeth Cruz