Don Sieg says Memorial Hospital has held a special place in his heart since his son was treated for a serious condition over a three-week period in 1986.

“During that stressful time, the staff at Memorial was extremely capable and kind. Years later, after I retired, Memorial was at the top of my list for a volunteer opportunity,” he says.

Don has been volunteering since 2009, and his wife, Pam, also became an ambassador services volunteer.

There are so many little memorable events every day you work as a volunteer that make you feel glad you’re helping patients and their families, Don says.

“My most memorable involves playing the piano,” he says.

“As I was playing a song called ‘Pure Imagination,’ a young lady sat on a bench across the lobby from me. She asked if I could repeat the song and I told her I would be glad to,” Don says.

As he finished playing, the woman made no delay in going over and giving him the biggest bear hug — ever.

“Through her tears, she told me that she sang that song every day to her baby in the Children’s Hospital. When she was finished with her story, we both had tears,” Don recalls. “You just never know how music can make someone’s day. It sure made hers, and mine. I will never forget it.”