Our Associates of the Month consistently display four Beacon values. Those values are compassion, integrity, respect and trust.

Compassion. An associate who has deep awareness of the suffering of another and the wish to relieve it. Practices empathetic listening and promotes a healing environment.

Integrity. An associate who is constant in their commitment to honesty, excellence and high moral standards. Is always trustworthy, honest and sincere. Does the right thing even when no one is watching.

Respect. An associate who promptly greets customers, actively listens, respects diversity and is considerate of the feelings, concerns or experience of others. Consistently follows the Beacon Code of Mutual Respect and is dedicated to an exceptional experience for all customers.

Trust. An associate for whom you have confidence in their display of honesty and integrity. Follows through on commitments.

Here are the five May Associates of the Month.

Brooklyn Hanson
Nursing Assistant, Oncology Care Services

Elkhart General Hospital

“Brooklyn has excelled in this position. If she doesn’t know how to do or where to find something, she is incredibly resourceful and finds out on her own. When I ask her to do something, it is always done. I never have to follow up to make sure she completes the task. She is kind and compassionate toward all patients and visitors. She is oftentimes the first person a visitor sees and she projects a smiling face and a warm welcoming attitude. She is a hard worker and recently completed the Nurse Assistant class, although she has been routinely helping with patient care since she started. She is mature beyond her years and truly exemplifies the Guide, Nurture, Transform theme of the Oncology Care Unit.”


Joy McCallister
Billing Rep
Beacon Medical Group

“Joy goes out of her way to help us at the site with any of our coding questions. She assists with simple and complex issues and takes the time to help explain things. She shares reliable information and will work hard to find the right answers to questions. She recently worked hard to pass a pediatric coders exam. We are blessed to work with her.”



Debra Skwarcan
Post Acute Care Trans.

Beacon Health Ventures

“Debbie began working for Memorial Health System over 30 years ago. She initially worked at Memorial Hospital and then in 1995 she came to work for Memorial Home Care. Although she was a PRN status, she often worked extra hours or extra days to help with nursing coverage for patient care. In 2013, she was asked to be part of a newly created hospital-based program called Post Acute Care Transitions (PACT). Since she holds a BSN and a secondary education master’s degree, working with PACT to teach patients about their disease processes seemed like the perfect fit. … She works a varied schedule based on patient-customer needs, often going out on weekends or evenings covering seven-plus counties to do whatever she can to keep patients at home and out of the ER or hospitals, and she has moved to a full-time commitment. … She is respected by her peers and supervisors, trusted by clients who listen to her teaching and instructions, and she is always honest and sincere. I feel she exhibits everything Beacon stands for.”


Christopher Nelson
Patient Care Assistant, CV

 Memorial Hospital

“Chris is always stepping up and helping out in any way possible. For instance, we had a patient who became unruly and Chris heard me struggle to reorient this patient. Chris came in — even though it was not a patient he was assigned to — and helped de-esculate this patient. In doing so, he learned that his patient was a Veteran of the USMC. Chris then was able to associate with the patient and gain his respect as Chris is a member of the Marine Reserves. Throughout the shift, Chris would go in and check on his patient. This helped to make what could be a very difficult shift for staff and patients so much better.”




Debra Degucz
Revenue Cycle Analyst, Denials & Appeals

Beacon Corpoate Services

“Deb displays integrity and commitment in the multiple data analysis she prepares, and she will share potential items of relevance across department lines to allow us to watch for known items that may impact as well. On a personal side, she also pays attention to co-workers and will find a way to brighten their day. One day, she brought in my favorite doughnuts because it was Friday and it had been a tough work week. Another time, she baked some goodies to share to spread joy. … Deb is a blessing to work with.”