Colleagues describe them as engaged, genuine and generous.

They are Molly, Shammon, Lydia, Connie and Michelle — our June Associates of the Month.

Molly Pottschmidt
Charge nurse, 10 South
Memorial Hospital

“Molly is absolutely fantastic. She easily establishes trusting relationships with her patients, families and co-workers. She works tirelessly to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Molly is consistently engaged helping to make positive changes for the organization. She give time to the Bereavement Committee, she is involved in Kaizens, the Summit Committee, the unit UPC and schedules for the 10th floor. We are lucky to have her as part of our team on the 10th floor and here at Beacon.”



Shammon Warren
Help desk analyst, Information Systems
Beacon Corporate

“I have had to call the Help Desk on numerous occasions and every time I speak with Shammon, I know that no matter what is going on with my computer, she will figure it all out. She genuinely listens to our concerns and reassures us as associates. I’ve heard other associates talk about her and how they feel after they speak with her. I hear words like compassion, respect, genuine, over-achiever and excellent. When I call into the Help Desk, I always hope that I get to interact with Shammon. She truly embraces the Beacon core values each and every time.”



Lydia Pedraza
Medical assistant, Memorial Neighborhood
Beacon Medical Group

“Lydia has been with the company for almost 20 years and she always lends a helping hand and no question is a silly question to her. She is extremely compassionate and a loyal worker. You can always count on her in whatever you need. She always goes above and beyond for her fellow workers. She is an amazing person and co-worker.”



Connie Swald
Home Care nurse
Beacon Health Ventures

“Connie is one of our home care nurses who constantly is looking out for her patients. Her patients compliment her regularly on our surveys about the wonderful care she gives. She keeps all involved on a case, informed of the progress of the patient, including doctors, families and staff here in the office, for better outcomes for the patient. She consistently meets the needs of the department with her work and volunteers to work over or on call to make sure we are covered. She has a pleasant personality with everyone she comes in contact with. I really enjoy working with her in our department.”



Michelle Dewey
Respiratory therapist, Respiratory Care
Elkhart General Hospital

“Michelle is an excellent respiratory therapist who is willing to go the extra mile for staff and providers. She has helped with multiple quality projects and is an expert clinician. Michelle is a joy to be around and deserves recognition.”

“Michelle’s always wonderful to work with. She is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, efficient, willing to do whatever is asked of her, and the list goes on.”

“Michelle is a joy to work with. She is always positive and very knowledgeable when working with critical care patients.”

“Michelle always goes above and beyond. Both the nurses and physicians know they can count on Michelle to provide expert care for patients.”

“Michelle is always there to lend a hand even when it’s not expected of her. Her kindness and generosity are never-ending. She is the most genuine person I have ever met and enjoy working alongside such a great team player.”

Congratulations to this month’s extraordinary associates!