“Roma Green began her career with us in the fall of 1972 and was just short of working for Elkhart General Hospital for 45 years. She started performing mammography in 1982 and took on the position of lead mammographer in 1989, where we she truly served the community as the supervisor of the Breast Center until her retirement.

“I have come away a better mammographer, co-worker and friend because of Roma being in my life for the past 30 years, so I thought it would be wonderful if we could honor her at EGH where she had dedicated her experience, wisdom and compassion within the Breast Center.

“Roma was always willing to support our radiologists in their efforts to have the newest and greatest that was available, and to have her staff master all that was required, which contributed to our Breast Center being named a “Center of Excellence” by the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers. And the lives she has touched has been a blessing.”

Mary Dittman, Elkhart General Hospital