Congratulations to Troy Weirick, MD, a Rockin’ Doc at Elkhart General Hospital!

Staff members in the cardiac care departments at Elkhart General Hospital and at Beacon Medical Group Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists RiverPointe admire Dr. Troy Weirick for his laser-focus on providing excellent patient care and for his genuine good nature.

Patients and family members often remark about how much they appreciate Dr. Weirick — many share stories about how he saved their lives or the lives of loved ones.

“Dr. Weirick has the ability to quickly relate to his patients and families,” says one staff member. “This skill fosters a sense of immediate trust, mutual respect and, in my opinion, improved shared decision-making and adherence in care.”

Another team member describes him as professional and compassionate. “Patients come in nervous and walk out more relaxed and at ease. Patients adore him and his personality.”

Team members especially respect Dr. Weirick’s work as the TAVR cardiac interventionalist at Elkhart General. In this role, he collaborates closely with colleagues and nursing staff, helping to ensure that the very best care is provided to patients.

Staff members also appreciate Dr. Weirick’s easy-going demeanor and sense of humor. He values each team member’s contributions and consistently seeks ways to take a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

“This not only improves patient outcomes, but also spills over into providing professional guidance and support to his team.”

Thank you, Dr. Weirick, for being a Rockin’ Doc!