Each day in his work in palliative care medicine, Dr. Nicholas Kerr strives to make a difference in the lives of others.

On the Oncology Unit at Memorial Hospital, staff and colleagues value him as a team member — for his knowledge, perspective and his approach to patient care.

“He respects the input of nurses and we all work together to provide the best care for the patient,” says one staff member.

“Dr. Kerr goes above and beyond to help me understand pain management for hospice patients,” adds another team member. “He is so patient and willing to take the time to explain each step.”

Team members are also inspired by Dr. Kerr’s compassion: “He always wants to help the patient in any way possible, giving 100 percent of his attention and care to every patient. He spends time in each room, allowing himself and the patient to form a relationship during a difficult time.”

“The care he provides to our patients is absolutely exceptional,” says another team member. “He takes the hardest situations for families and somehow finds the words to comfort them in their decisions.”

Another colleague describes how Dr. Kerr visited a patient three times during the day to ensure the patient’s pain medication was working: “He wanted the patient’s pain to be under control before he left for the night.”

The connections Dr. Kerr establishes with patients and their families create a supportive environment during transitions to end-of-life care. As he addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of his patients, Dr. Kerr helps patients talk about what is important to them and their goals for life. His dedication helps patients come to peace with their decisions, positively impacting their lives.

Thank you, Dr. Kerr, for being a caring and Rockin’ Doc!