Congrats to Dr. Gurudutt Kulkarni – April Rockin’ Doc of the Month

Gurudutt Kulkarni, MD

Associates at Beacon Medical Group Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists Riverpointe, the Cath Lab and Outpatient Testing at Elkhart General Hospital all agree on one thing: Dr. Kulkarni is a compassionate and respected physician who inspires others to provide exceptional patient care.

“He is focused on each and every patient, one at a time,” explains one staff member. “His ‘electric’ personality and humor help make patients comfortable and more at ease.”

As he works to improve his patients’ symptoms and quality of life using the latest advancements available, Dr. Kulkarni explains treatments clearly so patients and families fully understand the plan of care. His kindness and thoroughness shine as he makes the time to call patients himself and always remembers patients by their names when he sees them. If one of his patients experiences symptoms that aren’t heart-related, Dr. Kulkarni makes sure they get an appointment with their primary care doctor for follow-up.

Described as approachable and kind-hearted, Dr. Kulkarni is widely regarded as a great teacher, too.

“He sets high expectations for professionalism for himself and staff members to deliver the best quality of care to our patients,” says one team member.

Each day, Dr. Kulkarni’s smile and sense of humor help create a work environment everybody can enjoy and appreciate. He fosters open communication at all levels, helping the team achieve the best experience possible for patients.

As one team member says, “He is a regular guy who happens to be a great doctor. Patients love and trust him.”

Thank you, Dr. Kulkarni, for being a Doc Who Rocks!

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