When people think of Interventional Radiology at Memorial Hospital, one name comes to mind: Dr. Gerard Duprat. From staff to fellow physicians, patients to industry reps, he is known as a superb clinician and the cornerstone of the department.

Over his career at Memorial, Dr. Duprat transformed Interventional Radiology from a small practice to a major endovascular center in northern Indiana. He continually strives to be cutting edge in all areas in the field, bringing innovative ideas and seeking skilled partners who can live up to that high standard. Without his devotion and vision, Interventional Radiology would not be held in the high regard it is today.

Dr. Duprat rocks because he is passionate about providing quality care, holding high expectations of himself and staff. He is compassionate and caring with patients, gaining their trust and putting them at ease. He is efficient without sacrificing quality. He is bold without being hasty. He is precise without being sharp. He is intense without being severe.

Over the past several years he has grown on a personal level, doing an outstanding job leading the IR department, both as a physician and as an administrator. He truly cares about the team who works with him, ensuring they have the tools needed to grow professionally and to keep them happy in their work. He holds the respect of staff and leadership and….HE IS A LIVING LEGEND!

Congratulations, Dr. Duprat, for being a Doc Who Rocks!