Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Fiedler for being a Rockin’ Doc!

In his role as a cardiologist and the Medical Director of Intensive and Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation Care at Memorial Hospital, Dr. Andrew Fiedler shares his passion for heart health and leads by example wherever he goes and in whatever he does.

“He joins the Ornish Reversal Program participants for their mealtime as well for their stress management session, showing he practices what he preaches,” says one staff member.

Dr. Fiedler makes time to help educate patients and answer their questions fully so they receive the greatest benefit for their heart health. Using a personalized, compassionate and professional approach, he inspires hope and trust in his patients.

“Dr. Fiedler has great empathy for patients with heart disease,” says one staff member. “He gets excited to see the changes they make for the better.”

His dedication, thoughtful manner and sense of humor make him a favorite physician among staff members. They truly enjoy working alongside him to provide comprehensive care for patients.

“When I go to Dr. Fiedler with any question, he drops what he is doing to help me out,” describes one staff member. “He is so kind and easy to work with.”

The respect and trust Dr. Fiedler fosters among staff members is evident in his willingness to always go the extra mile, whether it’s volunteering for weekend activities or taking part in the Ornish program’s patient graduations.

“I feel fortunate to work with him,” says a staff member.

Thank you, Dr. Fiedler, for putting your heart into heart care for our patients — and congratulations on being a Rockin’ Doc!

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