Breanna “Bre” Hutchinson received not one, not two, not three — but NINE nominations from colleagues at Beacon Health & Fitness that led to her being named an October Associate of the Month.

Congratulations, Bre, and our other wildly extraordinary Associates of the Month for their contributions and dedication to the health system. We are proud to honor you this month!

Breanna Hutchinson
Memorial Hospital

“Bre goes above and beyond for her job duties and for our members. She is always a smiling face when you walk into Health & Fitness. If you are having a bad day, she finds a way to make you laugh or just cheer you up. She gives us cards thanking us for just being a good person and she truly recognizes what it means to be a Beacon. She will help any department, membership or fitness, not just the front desk. She strives to excel at her job and to be the best employee she can be.” — Kristie Buesching

“Every day, Bre goes out of her way to help members and their families. She is always smiling and truly is an inspiration to everyone she meets. I have never met a more caring, selfless and hard-working individual in my life. If anyone deserves this award, it is Bre Hutchinson.” — MacKenzie Mangus

“Bre Hutchinson goes above and beyond for her co-workers and the members of the Beacon Health & Fitness club. Bre has a charismatic attitude that brightens up the room when she enters and she always makes sure to ask how everyone’s day is. Bre takes the time to get to know each and every one of our many members that come to the club and builds a strong, long-lasting relationship with them.” — Traquon Newhouse

“Bre not only goes above and beyond with her regular job responsibilities, but she will to out of her way to make every member and staff member feel welcomed and respected on a daily basis.” — Jared Korpal

“Bre is outstanding every day, but a recent situation was really exemplary. We have wheelchair basketball on some nights at our downtown facility. Unfortunately, our elevator broke while one of these games was going on. After the game, Bre personally waited well after her shift so she could assist in getting these participants out the door safely. Then, having already confirmed that an emergency elevator technician could come onsite at 11 p.m., Bre stayed to meet the tech so that the fix could occur right away for our members who would be arriving in the morning. Bre models her commitment to her work, her colleagues, and our members, every day. She inspires us all through her hard work and dedication and we’re fortunate to have her on our team.” — Alan Loyd

“Bre is always ready for whatever a day at work has to hand her. She is a great asset to our team. Go Bre!” — Leslee Slater

“Bre is so sweet and such a great worker. She demonstrates Beacon’s values in every day.” —Kayla Chase

“Great co-worker. Most energetic and happy person I know.” — Anonymous

“Bre is such a compassionate person to everyone she meets. She is always going out of her way to help co-workers, members and random strangers on the street. She is a very hard worker and is a great role model and leader for her staff. From coming in at 11:30 p.m. to help handle a leaky pipe, phone calls at 1:30 a.m. because the cleaning staff’s vacuum broke, to being there for every associate in our building during tough times or celebrations. She is not only passionate about her job, but passionate about the lives of every patient she sees. Bre really does stand out and does an amazing job and this would be the perfect way to thank her for her hard work.” — Megan Cullison


Ted Mansell
Elkhart General Hospital

“Ted has stepped up tremendously since Craig left. He has gone above and beyond to answer all refrigeration duties while patiently waiting on Craig’s replacement. Ted offers his help to all the guys in maintenance on a daily basis. He is not scared to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if the task has nothing to do with his HVAC specialty. Ted has shown leadership with the younger guys and has earned much respect from everyone in the department.” — Chris Beckham


Evelyn Villalba
Beacon Medical Group

“I believe Evelyn should be employee of the month because she goes out of her way each day to help out everyone in the office. She was my trainer when I first came to Beacon and she made the transition easy and made me feel very welcomed.” — Kendall Black




Mike Edgell
Beacon Health System

“Recently MedPoint 24 lost power on a weekend and while the office has backup generators, the refrigerators that needed to be on — the ones containing vaccines and infusion drugs — were not getting power. To make a long story short, we placed a call to Mike Edgell, who was the former supervisor at MSMG to ask details about the generators and what we needed to troubleshoot. Without hesitation, Mike dropped what he was doing on a gorgeous, sunny Saturday and headed to the clinic to assist Jill King and myself secure the refrigerators so we did not suffer a huge loss. Even though Mike is no longer an employee of BMG, he understood the severity of the situation and came to our rescue. With his assistance, all refrigerators were moved and plugged in while we waited for power to return. To me, Mike went totally above and beyond not only for the health system but for BMG.” — Cathy Barwick


Katey Dhoore
Beacon Health Ventures

“Katie is so great with her patients taking the extra time to make sure her patients are well taken care of. She takes extra time to communicate with all team members … She is a caring and skilled clinician providing exceptional experiences to her patients.” — Tina Poland