Local community leaders have accepted the challenge to channel their favorite music artist and show off their lip sync skills to benefit the residents of the Center for the Homeless, the region’s largest residential homeless facility.

On Friday, Nov. 10, some of our fabulous Beacon associates will take the stage in the 2nd Annual “Lipsync With Our Stars” and are asking for your votes.

Continuing our mission of providing good, healthy fun to our community, Beacon’s HealthWorks! Kids’ Museum will present the city’s finest, “A Healthy Dose of Ham.” 

“Lettuce” entertain you as we vie to be Top Banana Vote-Getters and take a SHOT at raising the most money for the Center for the Homeless. Here are our “Hams” who will be completing in the competition:

Cody Stone
Adam Novello
Mary Welsheimer
Kate McGowan (Mary’s holding her picture)
Jan McGowan (kneeling in front of Mary holding the toothbrush)
Kara Strang
Rachel Herman (Kara is holding her picture)
Diane Hofferbert
Eliana Ramos (kneeling in front of Diane holding toothbrush)
Ricki Rollins  (in the very back)
Ashleigh Snyder

From the heart of South Bend, Cody, Ashleigh, Jan, Mary, Diane, Rachel, Eliana, Adam, Kate and Kara will HAM it up and ROAST our competition with talent and energy never before seen in our fair city. Click here to donate.  Please note that the event website is optimized for Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome web browsers.