Ryan Jarrell, RN, Inpatient Rehab, is about as humble as they come.

He was recently awarded the Elkhart General Hospital “Associate of the Year” award from Carl Risk, President, Elkhart General

Ryan, who is a charge nurse in the unit, has worked at Elkhart General since April 2014.

“I am truly honored to receive this award,” Ryan told The BEAM. “The rehab staff that I work with are incredible and so supportive, and employees throughout the hospital are very kind and compassionate. I am very blessed to have been noticed for this award, but there are so many people across Elkhart General who are extremely qualified to get this as well.”

“But I do love the special parking space!”

Ryan was nominated by Carrissa Whitten, who worked with Ryan as a member of the Student Nurse Assistant Program. Carrissa is a clinical associate at the Regional Center for Joint Replacement.

“He is always willing teach and explain what he is doing,” Carrissa said. “As an observer, I have seen him take time to answer the questions of each and every patient and their family members. I have seen him put his patients before himself and have watched as he addressed many needs. He is compassionate and caring.

“He resembles the nurse I one day aspire to be,” Carrissa added.

That’s quite a complement.

And Carrissa isn’t the only person who has recognized Ryan’s work.

Ryan has been honored as a Daisy Award recipient and he frequently receives shout-outs from the patients and families for whom he has cared.

Here is a sampling of the comments Elkhart General has received about him:

“Ryan was amazing, definitely goes above and beyond.”

“Ryan stood out for his efforts to meet every patient need or reasonable desire.”

“I had an instant brotherly bond with Ryan. His bedside manner and willingness to go the extra step were great.”

“Ryan is a very good nurse… Very caring. We had fun teasing him about the Electric Slide.”

By listening to patients and the people closest to them, Ryan finds out what is most important to the patient. Then he actively takes part in or provides something for which the patient deeply cares. He has read from the Bible to patients and prayed with them, he has played a favorite kind of music, he even went so far as to help a family build a ramp for the patient’s home.

Ryan, ever so humble, according to those who work with him, says he was just “doing my job.”

In addition to his work, Ryan is also a family man. He is married to Hilary and has three children, Mckenzie, Micah and Mia.

Ryan is actively involved with his church and children’s activities. His family helped with the Rehab Christmas caroling project at the hospital this past Christmas.

In his spare time, he recently completed his BSN.

When Ryan was told he had been named the “Associate of the Year” at Elkhart General, he gave the credit to the whole rehab team – exactly what everyone who knows Ryan knew he would do.

During the recent awards presentation, Carl Risk also gave Lee Hershberger the “Beacon Value Award for Trust” on behalf of the Medical Staff office.

Congratulations to Ryan and Lee!