Hands of Unity Across Our Community
 Pop-Up Experience

During South Bend’s Best. Week. Ever.

Click on the image for a PDF flyer to download or print.

Tuesday, May 30, 12:45 p.m.
Linking up starts at 1:15 p.m. — don’t be late!
Click on the images for a flyer to download or print!

This idea sprang out of the history books: flashback to 1986, a time of big hair and even bigger shoulder pads, when video arcades and glamour shots ruled the shopping mall scene. And on one bright Sunday, 6.5 million people across America joined hands for 15 minutes, creating a human chain across the contiguous United States. Radical!

Fast forward to today: Beacon Community Health wants to recapture that spirit of community from the original Hands Across America — we want to reaffirm the spirit of resilience and friendship of our city. And so, Hands of Unity Across Our Community was born.

We want you to come out and help us celebrate the awesome work being done to address the needs of community members. We’ll be standing for the community needs identified in our Community Health Needs Assessment: with the mothers and children of our community for better maternal/infant health care; for more access to health care for all; for a trauma informed community; for more comprehensive and less stigmatized mental health care; and we’ll be standing together in the fight against obesity and diabetes. We want you to come out and take our hands so we can stand together for what matters to you.

Map is included on flyer, too.

If we work together we can achieve great things. So please come take our hands and together we can… do anything.

For more information, please contact: 

Patty Willaert, Executive Director, Beacon Community Health

Kimberly Green Reeves, Community Benefit Investment Coordinator, Beacon Community Health