dr-heredia-rocksCongratulations to Dr. Diego Heredia, a Rockin’ Doc at Elkhart General Hospital!

At Elkhart General, members of the Critical Care Unit and Pulmonary Medicine/COPD Readmission & Strategy teams hold Dr. Diego Heredia in high regard. From his dedication to patients to his easy-going and insightful demeanor, this Beacon Medical Group pulmonologist and Intensivist inspires everyone around him.

As the medical director for the hospital’s newly created Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease program, Dr. Heredia’s enthusiasm and passion shine through in his care.surprise

“He is completely engaged in the endeavor to improve the care of our COPD patients and helps keep them out of the hospital,” says one staff member. He keeps in close contact with members of the care team, even on his days off.

Along with his clinical skills, “Dr. Heredia consistently looks at each patient as a whole, not just a diagnosis,” explains another staff member. His compassion toward patients and their families eases fear and anxiety.

As a physician who values teamwork, Dr. Heredia listens to staff members’ concerns and values everyone’s contributions. Approachable, professional and kind, Dr. Heredia is considered to be a great teacher, too: “We are lucky to have him.”

As one staff member explains, “He seems to be eager — not just willing — to work with anyone and everyone to do whatever it takes to achieve positive outcomes for patients, even if it means thinking outside the box. He truly ROCKS!”hey-doc-you-rock