Our four-legged volunteers are always ready to lend a paw. They are Beacon’s pet therapy dogs. Sixteen specially trained and certified pups can be found making the rounds with their handlers, comforting patients who miss their own dog and bringing smiles to associates at Memorial and Elkhart General. Meet our tail-wagging friends as we continue our special “Dog Days of Summer” series.

Name: Roxie
Age: 8
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Handler: Clara
Home: Granger

How long have you been a therapy dog? I have been a therapy dog for 6 years.

“The best part of my job is…” I love getting a lot of attention and all the treats at the hospital.

Describe your personality: I am a quiet girl and love to go for walks and swim. I like to chase ducks and geese.

What tricks do you know? I know sit, down, shake, roll over and high 5.

Favorite human food? I love all human food except for vegetables. Sometimes I go into the pantry and help myself to human food and my mom is not very happy about that because I usually make a big mess but she loves me anyway.

Favorite toy? I don’t play with toys.

Favorite movie? 101 Dalmations because there are so many black-and-white dogs like me.

Biggest pet peeve? My mom doesn’t get up early enough to feed me because I love love love food!

Who’s your hero and why? My hero is my older sister Ginger. She is an English Springer Spaniel like me. She is 13 years old and I do whatever she does. If she barks, I will bark and if she lays on ‘Blanket’ then I do the same thing.

Car rides or walks? I love to go on both!

Rawhide or pig’s ear? My mom doesn’t give me these because she says they are not good for me.

“I get so excited when my owner says…” Treats or food or “Do you want to go bye-bye” or when she asks me to go on a walk.

“I will never forget the time when I…” Went into the pantry and go into the K-cups and had coffee everywhere. I greeted my mom with coffee all over my white paws and nose!

How would you describe your perfect day? Being with family and my sister and hanging out at the lake going for a swim. The best thing is going for walks and getting treats. Yum!

If you could talk, what advice would you give the patients you see? I try to comfort you as much as I can. I love when I am petted and hope it helps you forget where you are while you are thinking happy thoughts or your own furry friend at home.