We’re “checking in” with our associates at the new Beacon Health & Fitness center in Mishawaka.

We hope to make this a new occasional Q & A on The Beam. More on that below.

It has been just shy of three months since the new Health & Fitness location opened its doors on Mishawaka’s Beacon Parkway.

Here’s our conversation with Alan Loyd, executive director, and Sarah Strefling, fitness manager.

Q: We’re hearing you’re busy, very busy. What’s it been like?

A: We’re reaching the membership figures that we didn’t expect to reach for several years down the road. With over 100 new members joining consistently nearly every week, we’ve been amazed by the community response to our new fitness center.

Q: How much does the location have to do with your success?

A: We knew the location was going to be a home run. With easy access to Granger, Mishawaka and Edwardsburg, and having the Indiana Roll Road right there, all indications forecasted that building at this crossroads would be a tremendous opportunity for us.

Q: Plus, this location serves as much more than just a fitness center.

A: We absolutely want to offer world-class fitness facilities and services. But beyond that, we also want to keep foremost in our mind that we are a medically-based facility with physical therapy and sports medicine services that dovetail with our fitness facility. Ramp access into our pools, “best medicine” classes that are tailored to improve the quality of life through exercise of patients facing challenging diagnoses, and our “Wellness SurroundCare Team” – which we believe is truly a national model of integration – help us stand out in both the healthcare and fitness fields.

Q: How important have our associates been to meeting – and exceeding – your goals?

A: We employ roughly 60 associates in Mishawaka and they are a huge reason for our success because of their education, energy and outgoing personalities. Our team is excited about new faces at Beacon Health & Fitness and we want to create a welcoming atmosphere with contagious energy to get you to your goals. Creating strong relationships with members is the goal.

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But before we go, we’d like to say THANK YOU to our Beacon Health & Fitness Mishawaka associates:

Brenda Allen

Hailey Allison

Kerri Anderson

Mary Austin

Blake Bertles

Kara Boyles

Brittany Bronkema

Erika Buhring

Kayla Chase

Melissa Cooper

Mallory Conrad

Judith Cox

Veronica Dabrowski

Abeni El-Amin

Kathryn Fischer

James Foster

Brittany Fox

Jason Fransted

Angela Friend

Jessica Garretson

Jennifer Gruber

Emily Hardin

Susan Helms

Lauren Hickey

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Brad Jasinski

Lynda Johnson

Kathleen Kavanagh

Christel Kelsey

Jared Korpal

Amanda Kuczmanski

Jonathan Lawson

Ashley Luzadre

John Mahon

Shawn Major-Winston

MacKenzie Mangus

Cynthia Miller

Sara Miller

Emily Mrozek

Deborah Musser

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