July Fourth is a time to celebrate our country. At Beacon, we think there’s no better time than now to spotlight our Associates of the Month. Be sure and congratulate these colleagues when you see them.

Sherry Cook
Registered Nurse, OP Oncology
Memorial Hospital

“Sherry works as a nurse with Dr. Bedoya in the Cancer Center and on a daily basis, she is not only knowledgeable and can answer her patients questions but she is very caring and compassionate. She is present in the exam room when patients are discussing their cancer diagnosis and Sherry provides support and is caring during this very difficult time. She follows up quickly with patient phone calls and requests and finds creative ways to meet the needs of the patient. Her patients often call the triage line asking for Sherry specifically and they are sad when she is off but are quick to tell me how wonderful Sherry is to them. She thinks about her patients and even calls them to follow up with them if they have had a particularly rough time with treatment. With the growth of the cancer center, there has been the addition of new nurses working with the other oncologists. Sherry is the preceptor to these new office nurses. She is detailed, organized, has developed processes in collaboration with her physician that allows for smooth patient appointments and she is able to translate this to the new nurses who are trying to establish a relationship with their physician and the patients as well as learn how to be a nurse in an oncology practice. Sherry outwardly and frequently says that she loves her job, her physician and medical assistant and most importantly, her patients. She is a wonderful representative of the type of associate Memorial strives to have.”

“Sherry is the best nurse I have had the privilege to work with in my years as medical student, resident, fellow and now as attending. She has a unique respectful and compassionate way of treating patients, that raises lots of compliments to her and the practice in general. She is knowledgeable in cancer and chemotherapy with her 20+ years of experience as a infusion, floating, and research nurse, which now I can enjoy when she helps me with my clinic patients. In the last 2 years, she has been a great help and support in the growth of the cancer center, as a triage and clinic nurse. She is always on the spot, nothing is pending for the next day, and extremely organized. In my mind there is no doubt she represents all that a proud Beacon Nurse means.”

“Sherry truly shows empathy towards the patients in her care. She is willing to do anything, in her power, to provide them comfort during the most difficult times in their life. This not only includes medical but also financial assistance. She is always willing to offer a listening ear. She at times, will plead with her patients to do their part in order to ensure their success in their medical treatment. Her patients can feel that she truly cares.”

“Sherry is an amazing nurse. She is a true patient advocate. Sherry navigates her patient through the whole process, making sure the patient and family has everything they need. She will even call them at home to see if the have any concerns, so compassionate!”

“Sherry always gives 110 percent to her patients AND coworkers. Patients consistently express their thankfulness for her, and that she goes the extra mile to provide excellent patient care. Sherry is trustworthy and patient with coworkers and is available to help or lend a hand when needed.”

“Sherry is a wonderful nurse! She is compassionate, hard working, and will help others out without even being asked. Sherry goes above and beyond with her patient care. For someone to get a cancer diagnosis can be extremely difficult. Sherry lends a listening ear and is there for the patients in their time of need. She not only has wonderful patient care but she has a heart of gold and works as a wonderful team member. She is willing to put in longer hours and help others when needed. Sherry should be recognized for her wonderful outlook! What can be a very sad diagnosis for our patients, she can turn into a journey that has a brighter outlook for them. We LOVE Sherry here at the Cancer Center!”

“With her role as a nurse in the Oncology center, Sherry is very compassionate to patients who are going through a rough time dealing with cancer or treatment. She is always so kind to everyone and her patients absolutely love her. She is always willing to help out other staff if we need it. If we have a patient call and/or walk in that wants to speak with her about something, she is always right there to talk to them. She is always on the ball with everything she does. She is such a great person and nurse and really deserves this!”

Andrea Snyder
PACS Analyst, Information Systems
Beacon Corporate

“Andrea is a valuable and respected member of our PACS team. Here at Beacon, we are searching for associates who are Happy, Healthy, and Awesome. Andrea exemplifies all of these in a way that has allowed her to build respect and relationships with her co-workers, the fellow radiology techs, and our physician radiologists. She handles details and follow up with ease and precision and is truly a joyful person to be around. I highly recommend Andrea for this honor as she is very deserving.”



James McCaskill
Sales/Rehab technician
Beacon Health Ventures/Pharmacy

“Jim CONSISTANTLY will inform me when I’m routing where he is going and ask if I need anything delivered or picked up. Jim always makes sure that our customers and coworkers are taken care of. He helps everyone out with on call responsibilities and returns phone calls promptly. When Jim is asked to do something, I never have to worry if the job is being done or done correctly as he will call and ask questions if any doubts arise.”

“He’s always the first one to jump in to help you out.”


Andrea Streeter
Registered Nurse, Bristol Street
Beacon Medical Group

“As a triage nurse in a busy BMG practice, Andrea is continuously bombarded with various requests from patients, insurance companies, pharmacies, other offices, providers, and fellow associates.

“Regardless of the number of tasks she is faced with or the amount of work on her desk, she maintains her composure and handles each interaction with kindness and attention to detail. She takes pride in her work and can often be found working through lunch or after closing so that every patient receives an answer to their question or need. She provides answers to patient’s questions and concerns in a compassionate manner. … She is seen as a resource amongst her peers and providers, often being the go-to person in emergent and non-emergent situations.”


Allen Hartman
Maintenance mechanic, Plant Maintenance
Elkhart General Hospital

“Al has helped by teaching us new guys the ins-and-outs and in great detail Al has explained how all our systems work here at EGH. From simple stuff on the computer to major things like how all the systems work in the Energy Center. Al was never asked to do it but offered to and still offers to help us everyday. Al may not think it’s a big deal, but to us it’s a very big deal. It’s a lot to take in your first couple of months here and Al is able to teach these systems while making sure we have a clear understanding of each system and answer any question we may have. We are grateful to have someone with his patients and willingness to teach.”