What is a dad?
In your words, he is your rock. Your teacher. A role model. Hard working. Caring. A great listener.
He’s an anchor.
He’s your biggest fan.
In celebration of our dads, or the men in our lives who have served as father figures, we asked you to email a photo of you and your dad. Dozens of Beacon associates responded.
Your pictures made us smile, laugh, and some brought tears to our eyes. Many of us are honoring the memory of our fathers, some of whom have been gone for decades. Others have recently passed.
For us, these are treasured images.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge the image and read the names of our associates and the fathers they will honor on Sunday. But first, here are some of the touching notes you sent us.

“My Uncle Don is one of the greatest father figures that anyone could ask for. He has stepped up and taken care of not only myself, but my little sister and our entire family at times. He has taught me many things: how to change a tire, how sometimes it’s better to be seen than heard, to never give up when you are down, that you can love someone so much even if they aren’t your blood, and lastly that family is so important. He is very hard working and a very caring person. He has always had a great listening ear. I am very lucky to have him in my life. I can never repay him or tell him enough how grateful I am to have him. All I can do is forever show my love.” Safire Pilmore

“My father was my rock especially when my husband died. Sadly, one year later, my father also died unexpectedly in his sleep. I will always value the lessons he taught me, especially in love, strength and perseverance. He was always there for anybody and was always a great listener. My picture was taken when I was three or four years old. My father has been gone for quite a while, but sometimes it doesn’t even seem like he’s gone at all because he is such a part of me. I will always treasure the memories of my father.” Sherrie Aman, RN

Where does one begin? My dad is the anchor to my boat, all my life he has let me drift along life roaming where I wanted, but I always knew I had a safe place back home. My father taught me at a young age to do what makes me happy. “You know right from wrong. As long as what you do isn’t hurting yourself or anyone else around you, then do what makes you happy,” he’d say. He is the kindest man ever and would give the shirt off his back to someone in need. I pray to be half the parent he is for me. My father is my biggest fan and has never let a day pass without me knowing this, from school sporting events to the day I brought my daughter into the world. My father has always let me know I am his everything. Though I don’t say it as often as I should, my father is my idol, my hero. I love you, Dad.” Monica Pohlman, CCMA, Beacon Medical Group Ireland Road