Congratulations to these five associates not only for their service and dedication to Beacon Health System, but for also going above and beyond what is asked of them each and every day. Associates like these are what makes Beacon great.

Jo Ward-Selman
Elkhart General Hospital
“Jo is an excellent IVT nurse and every month she helps with house-wide nursing orientation. Her experience and knowledge is essential to provide to our new hires; she includes patient stories and past experiences to really hit home the importance of our processes and policies. Jo takes pride in her job and it shows when she is at the bedside with a patient as well as while teaching a class of new nurses about IVs.”



Tim Kwiatkowski
Beacon Health Ventures
“Tim demonstrates all of the Beacon values on a daily basis. He goes above and beyond what is asked of him. He delivers all of our important pharmacy boxes every single day. There is never a time when Tim doesn’t have a kind word to say. His displays of honesty and integrity are an awesome example of what a Beacon employee stands for. Thanks, Tim, for all you do!”





Tiffany Sommers
Beacon Medical Group
“Tiffany has been one of the MAs who has practiced in a novel, yet difficult new approach to patient care that required learning many new skills. She approached this with enthusiasm, an open mind and a profound willingness to learn. She has gone above and beyond to learn new ways to implement the best charting practices and has been outstanding in learning the latest skills. She has done her own study to deepen her understanding of her job requirements and has not been afraid to seek out other expert opinion. She has done her utmost to share this information with her peers. While doing all this, she has kept the patient’s health and well-being as her primary focus. She individually tailors the office experience for each patient in order to afford them the best opportunities to improve their health using what she has learned. She continues to grow in her job and provides an excellent example of the values of Beacon Health Care.”


Rea Ann Chupp
Memorial Hospital
“For over a dozen years, the Ortho Neuro and Rehab associates have had the pleasure of repeating the benefits of working alongside an associate who models Beacon’s values with every interaction. As the ASR of these two departments, Rae Ann has made it her mission to advocate on behalf of each and every associate in problem solving their work schedule, providing clarity to benefits that may pose confusing, providing direction to countless physicians and visitors while assisting our leadership team with second-to-none organization and creative style. Rae Ann is a master active staffer engineer, often providing direction to new users throughout the organization. She is clearly an A+ administrative professional and could have easily provided these services to our Administrative team, however her dedication to Ortho Neuro and Rehab associates is recognized and appreciated. She is a project person, quickly recognizing both detail and the broader scope or vision of the project and immediately begins to process strategy for achieving the goal. She is our right and left hands. Beacon is better because of Rae Ann’s service and dedication to her Beacon role.”

Sally Brubaker
Beacon Health System
“Sally exemplifies all the Beacon values. She is the most compassionate and sincerely caring person. She continues to rise above and beyond the call of duty. We were working on cost reports, for example, and while Sally had completed hers, she saw that I was struggling because it was only my second time doing it. She stayed multiple late nights with me to coach me through it, give encouragement and pitched in and helped me with completing parts of it. I didn’t ask her to do it and she didn’t have to do it. She willingly sacrificed her own time for the good of the team and the organization. It is a pleasure to work with Sally and she continually personifies excellence and her example pushes me to strive to be a better employee and person.”