Some changes to the Child Life Program take effect today. Here’s where you can find our specialists:

Amy Eads begins working full time in Surgery.
Jessica Menke returns full time to Pediatrics and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. 
Rileigh Zickafoose joins Jessica full time in Pediatrics and the PICU.
Becky Wachs remains full time in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.
Liz Rapp works full time in the Emergency Care Center.
Tracy Byler, formerly the Child Life Program coordinator, begins her transition to a part-time schedule.

The role of our Child Life specialists has never been more important to Beacon.

“Our job is to be here for the kids. We help them accomplish the things that others have asked them to do, whether they need to take a pill, lie still for an MRI or stay calm during a procedure,” says Tracy Byler, who helped launch the program at Beacon in 2006. “We also respect and value their ‘need’ to play. Play is the best way to make friends with a child. We grow a trusting relationship, By observing their skills and talents, and demonstrating our genuine interest in them as an unique individual.

Byler says that starting our program has been, and still remains, the highlight of her professional career.

“Thank you to those who continue to support our program after 11 years,” she says. “We can’t wait to engage new areas of service and work together with the staff to provide quality care for infants, children, adolescents and their families here at Beacon Children’s Hospital.”

For any and all Child Life needs not assigned to a specific area, please call 574.647.6337 or email the Child Life specialists at 

In other Beacon news…

The Biggest Winner challenge is right around the corner. The 10-week program starts Monday, Jan. 15.

Participants are offered weekly health challenges, prizes, team support, a monthly group workout, daily emails, and more. It’s an opportunity to lose weight in the New Year or simply get back on a healthy track by mixing up your exercise routine and tightening up your eating plan, says Bridget Hardy, fitness specialist, Beacon Health & Fitness.

Designed to offer every fitness level benefits, the Biggest Winner program includes gym membership for non-members at both Beacon Health & Fitness facilities.

For the first time, Beacon employees who aren’t current members of Beacon Health & Fitness can join the program at half-price! We want YOU, our colleagues, to reach your goals in the new year. For $125, you can get yourself all the way to the end of March with a healthy plan in place. Beacon associates who are current Beacon Health & Fitness members can sign up for Biggest Winner at the member price ($99) plus an employee discount of 20 percent off. 

Questions or want a registration form emailed to you? Email Bridget Hardy at

And Memorial Hospital will be hosting a special visitor next week.

Bishop Rhoades will say a Catholic Mass at noon, Tuesday, Jan. 16 in the Memorial Hospital Chapel.

Beacon associates will be given the opportunity to meet the Bishop in the Epworth Conference Room following the Mass. Cake and punch will be available.