The forecast is calling for some nasty winter weather tonight and Friday across our region. Because the safety and well-being of our associates is our top priority, here are some reminders if you are heading to work, leaving work for home, or encounter other weather-related problems. 

Click here to keep tabs on the very latest regional forecast from the National Weather Service.


When you’re heading out on the roads, allow plenty of time for travel. Being in a hurry can lead to bad outcomes on the road. We want everyone to arrive safely at work and return home to your family safely, too. Make sure your vehicle is completely clear of ice and snow before you begin your travel. Flying snow from vehicles causes accidents. Also be sure that your phone is fully charged and you have a car charger and emergency supplies kit in your vehicle before starting out.


If you encounter a dead battery on our hospital campuses, security can help jumpstart your vehicle if needed. Just call 574.523.3289 at Elkhart General Hospital and 574.647.3245 at Memorial Hospital to reach our security teams.


Be aware of the conditions of parking lots, sidewalks and building entrances. Wear appropriate footwear and exercise extra caution when crossing streets as crosswalks may be slippery and vehicles may not be able to stop quickly. Also use extra caution at building entrances.

Click here for more information from the National Weather Service about winter weather safety.

If your department will be CLOSING for any reason, including bad weather, please inform scheduled patients.

Managers should contact any staff scheduled to work. 

Then, directors and managers should let the Marketing/Communications Team know about the closing by emailing the information to so we can alert the media when it’s appropriate. We’ll also contact our operators who take calls from the public.

In the event of a WEATHER EMERGENCY, the Marketing/Communications Team will work with Incident Command to help keep you informed. 

If a “snow emergency” activation is called, please follow your snow travel emergency plan along with any departmental procedures. Emergency preparation policies are available on the intranet.

NOTE: The Beacon Health System internal courier service that delivers inner-office mail and small packages, and transports non-vital communications and laboratory specimens, will not be operating on Friday. Normal routines will resume on Saturday.