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Author: Heidi Prescott

Nurses celebrate 40 years together

Marlis Welsch, Emmy Ettl and Linda Wilson have worked at Memorial Hospital together for the past 40 years. Actually, they met during nursing school and were hired at Memorial during the famous Blizzard of 78. Watch our video interview of these nurses as they describe their work and close friendship over the...

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Patient Safety Fair winners, activities

As you may know, this is “National Patient Safety Awareness Week” at both Elkhart General and Memorial Hospitals. Last Friday, Memorial had a kick-off Safety Fair, where associates visited different displays and collected stamps on their patient safety passports.  Betsy Smith, safety and accreditation coordinator, Memorial Hospital, said more than 230 prize entries were received, and even more associates attended the fair and without entering the drawings. Before we announce the winners, we wanted you to know that all associates in clinical and support positions at Memorial Hospital are being asked to take a survey. The survey will measure...

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Cancer patient gets last wish at Elkhart General

Wendy Bleile anxiously waited near the oncology unit family room Monday wearing her wedding gown. The afternoon had been a whirlwind she never anticipated. Yet there she stood in her sleeveless satin-and-lace dress, folded over and safety pinned at the shoulders, several inches of the gown dragging on the floor beneath her feet.   Slowly a wheelchair rounded the corner. Mandy Hawkins, RN, brought Dave Bleile down the hallway. Wendy felt relieved to see him wearing one of the black button-down shirts she bought him during a very quick stop at a store that afternoon. Never mind the big...

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Cooking, camaraderie and cooperation

The Mother-Baby Unit team volunteered their time, donated ingredients, and shared their culinary talents to make dinner last week at the Ronald McDonald House. The dinner served as a team-building outing for the unit. More than 20 staffers donated to the meal that was prepared by: Bekki Spinsky, Anita Harker, Ashley Bontrager, Julianne Taylor, Emily Collins, Kristyn Beaver and Patty DeStefano. A special thank you goes out to Tara’s Tiny Toes for donating two large sheets of brownies for dessert. “We had such a great time that we’re planning on making another dinner in the early fall,” DeStefano said....

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Couple exchanges vows at Elkhart General

Noel Hernandez and Sarina Mejia were set to be married on Sunday, surrounded by family and friends, at their Elkhart church. But their plans for a traditional ceremony changed suddenly when Sarina’s high-risk pregnancy took an unexpected turn. Complications on Valentine’s Day morning prompted the couple to rush to the Elkhart General Hospital emergency room. Immediately whisked upstairs to Labor and Delivery, the couple learned Sarina would spend the rest of her pregnancy on bedrest. She was 33 weeks pregnant. “Once doctors told them Sarina would not be released until the baby was born, Sarina and Noel asked about...

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