Jane DeJong
Beacon Health Ventures

“Jane is an exceptional pharmacist. She has spent years trying to grow our business as a compounding pharmacy. She has brought in so much new business and continues to be an example of high moral standards, compassion and integrity. Her dedication to the pharmacy and her coworkers is a shining example of Beacon’s standards. We are blessed to have her at Beacon Home Care Pharmacy.”

“Jane is a blessing to our pharmacy. She goes above and beyond her job on a daily basis. She always lends a helping hand where needed. She is kind to our many customers and very compassionate. I nominate her because she has all the values of a Beacon associate. Working with her is a pleasure.”

Frank Doll
Elkhart General Hospital

“On a recent night shift, Frank found out that the cook was going to be absent and there would not be anyone available to make dinner for the associates who had put in an order. Frank took the initiative to go down to the hospital kitchen and set out the makings for sandwiches and chips so that the night shift that had faxed in an order could eat. He cleaned up afterward, too.”

Claudia Schmidt
Beacon Medical Group

“Claudia is our nursing supervisor. She also has been actin practice manager for three weeks now as ours transferred to another site. Claudia is always calm and never gets upset, she handles any and every problem in the best possible way. She is very organized and fair and has a smile all the time. Claudia also has the passion in her that the patients in our clinic need to see and hear.”

Tony Joshick
Memorial Hospital

“Tony is always eager to assist staff members with almost anything asked of him. He goes above and beyond to find family members for patients. He has been known to use social media to search for family. He is a tremendous help when dealing with patients who have complicated social histories. He is straightforward and honest with his patients and offers help and resources to those in need. He shows compassion but holds patients accountable to take responsibility for themselves. He is an invaluable asset to our ER.”

Wendy Guerra
Beacon Corporate

“Our department has undergone significant changes the past six months. Wendy has maintained a positive attitude throughout these changes and comes to work every day with a smile on her face and a willingness to jump in and do whatever needs to be done to assist our customers. She practices Beacon values every day and these attributes make her a pleasure to work with. Wendy’s positive spirit is infectious. I feel blessed to work with such an amazing woman.”