Since April is a month synonymous with showers, we want to “shower” our Associates of the Month with gratitude and thanks for a job well done.

Congratulations, Krista, Joe, Rose, Ron and Wendy!

House Supervisor, Resource Services
Memorial Hospital

Krista was recently working an overnight shift as House Supervisor during what turned out to be a particularly hectic night for our Emergency Room, Trauma Services, Surgery, and ICU. As is often the case, Krista sprang into action without missing a beat to pool resources and bring staff from outlying areas within the hospital together for the greater good of our patients, their families, and our own staff. “It takes a village,” she said in her shift report, and Krista embodies this spirit each and every day. The details of that night are well documented, but my focus in this nomination is on the person behind the report.
Krista’s calm demeanor in the face of chaos serves as a shining beacon of stability and comfort to the night shift. This makes the staff trust her implicitly and gladly go “above and beyond” when she needs them to pitch in and lend a hand when extenuating circumstances arise. There is a palpable calm amongst the nursing staff when they know that Krista is the House Supervisor that night, and there is an unspoken understanding that the sometimes difficult decisions she’s making are the best for both the patient and the staff. You can ask any department or service line in the hospital, and you will be hard-pressed to find a leader who has not benefitted from Krista’s quick-thinking only to arrive to work the next morning to hear the staff singing the praises of her steadfast support that got them through the night. As co-chair of the Night Shift UPC, Krista works tirelessly to make the voice of night shift heard and champions their concerns to leadership in a measured, professional, yet caring way. Krista’s ability to unite and lead  is unassuming yet powerful. Alongside her administrative prowess as House Supervisor, Krista is a tremendous nurse who serves as a mentor and resource to both staff and charge nurses. She has been with Memorial Hospital for nearly 21 years. Her caring and compassion extends beyond the halls of Memorial to her family, where she is a devoted mother, wife, and daughter.

Home Medical Delivery Tech

Beacon Health Ventures

Joe always does his best to ensure our customers get what they need, even if it involves working overtime when he is not on call. Joe never complains and always has a good positive attitude about working different shifts to help other employees with the work load. Joe is a self-starter and truly cares about our customers and his fellow associates.



Registered nurse, Middlebury

Beacon Medical Group

Rose is the epitome of the Beacon values as well as the kind of nurse that makes all of us remember why we chose to go into healthcare/service professions. Her many years of experience help her explain things to patients in a way they can understand. Her character and integrity shine through in the every day details as she often calls to check in on patients the next day to make sure they are feeling better. Not only does she do her job with excellence, but she also lives it out as a calling.





Help Desk Analyst, Information Systems
Beacon Health System

Ron works for the help desk. I am always grateful when his is the voice and greeting that answers when I call with a question. He is always positive and pleasant. He is encouraging and often goes the extra mile to explain what the problem is and how he is going to resolve it. I can always count on him to take care of whatever the issue is. When it comes to customer or employee satisfaction, Ron is TOPS!



Polysomnography Technician, Sleep Disorder Center
Elkhart General Hospital

Wendy had a patient who had a sleep study who exhibited severe life threatening symptoms during the sleep study. Wendy followed through with the Medical Director and got the patient’s care expedited due to the severe nature of his condition.