fullsizerenderThe relationships infusion nurses build with their patients go far beyond the hospital walls.

“Our nurses go above and beyond, learning things about patient families, pets, travels and even their jobs. They are loved by their patients for their compassion and dedication,” said Kim Greising, RN, BSN, director of oncology at Elkhart General Hospital.

“Patients even have their favorite nurses they enjoy caring for them,” she said. “The love they have for helping others shines in their daily work.”

Beacon Health System’s Ambulatory Infusion Centers — our January “Department Spotlight” — at Elkhart General and Memorial Hospital provide care for a variety of health conditions.

This specialized care is available on an outpatient basis so patients don’t have to stay in the hospital for treatment. The centers are monitored by oncology certified registered nurses along with supervision by an experienced oncology nurse practitioner or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).

Associates at the eight-chair infusion clinic at Elkhart General, and the 30-chair clinic at Memorial Hospital, which also offers eight private rooms, care for patients seven days a week. Some of the treatments include chemotherapy infusions, blood transfusions, inserting and removing different types of IV devices, central line care, antibiotic therapy and injections.

“Patients coming to our infusion center are potentially going through one of the most difficult times in their lives,” said Deb Leonakis, RCN, WHNP, executive director of the Memorial Regional Cancer Center. “We understand their vulnerability and build a trusting relationship that supports the patient and their families through their journey with cancer. We laugh, we cry, we hold their hand. We consider it a privilege and honor to be a part of their care.”

Thank you to this amazing group of associates!

Our Elkhart General infusion center associates are:

Kim Greising, RN, BSN, director of oncology

Kelsey Bourdon, RN

Heather Griffith, RN

Amanda Hawkins, RN

Amanda Huff, RN

Julie Pollock, RN

Liz Werling, RN

And let’s also salute our Memorial Hospital infusion clinic associates:

Deb Leonakis, executive director

Savannah DeVries, manager

Patty Smith, director

Darlene Shock, infusion specialist

Kim Lighthead, office coordinator

Mary McBride, patient care assistant

Gwen Preston, patient care assistant

Megan Ferrell, RN

Kristina Geissler-Wright, RN

Lori Kovach, RN

Sandra Lee, RN

Amy Manuszak, RN

Leah Myers, RN

Barbara Seaman, RN

Jennifer Van Paemel, RN

Patricia Gates, RN

Kimberly Housand, RN

Jennifer McFarland, RN

Erika Miller, RN

Lisa Ornat, RN

Elisabeth Rectenwal, RN

Michelle Stuermer, RN

Susan Derrickson, oncology educator