Compassionate Caregivers is not just a service, it’s an extended family.

Christina Rheault and her dad.

That’s what Christina Rheault and her brother, Larry, say about how caregivers working for Beacon Home Care have been looking after their father for the past two years.

Like many families, physical distance prevented them from providing the additional care their dad needed on a regular basis.

So the family looked at services in the South Bend community for help.

“He’s precious cargo,” Christina says, so the family not only wanted someone who’d be reliable, but also someone who would truly care for their dad.

They are thankful they chose Compassionate Caregivers.

“We never could have predicted what personal attention our dad and family would enjoy. It has been a true lifesaver,” Christina says.

The caregivers always treat their dad with patience and dignity.

He both appreciates and looks forward to his outings with them, Christina says.

“They are responsive, understanding and devoted to accommodating his schedule. They are sensitive to urgent issues, applying attention to each situation,” she says. “Our family cannot underscore how much her dedication and care mean to us.”

To learn more about Compassionate Caregivers, visit the website or call:

Goshen: 574.533.5627

Elkhart: 574.295.1111

South Bend: 574.647.8510